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Adela Verne

Damian’s 78s (and a few early LPs)

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Adela Verne (1877-1952) was a member of a musical family. She was acknowledged as one of the greatest pianists of her era, and a successor to Teresa Carreño. Her sister Mathilde, was one of the greatest piano teachers, and a pupil of Clara Schumann. Although Adela played for Clara, she did not have the opportunity to study with her, but was taught by Mathilde, who also taught Solomon, Lympany, and Harold Samuel. She made her debut in the Tchaikovsky first concerto aged 13. She studied Chopin with Paderewski, and also played a number of his works. She performed extensively at the Proms, and in 1902 played a Liszt Rhapsody in the Grand Coronation Concert, in which Clara Butt sang the first performance of Land of Hope and Glory. Other soloists were Santley, Albani, Kennerley Rumford and Lady Hallé.

Chopin - Polonaise in A flat major Op.53
Adela Verne, piano

Download - Chopin - Polonaise Op.53 - Verne

(mp3 file – right click the link, then select “Save as”)

Columbia L1213
Matrices 75979-2, 75980-2
Recorded 1917, London
Available from December 1917 to May 1928

The first side of this record begins at 78.9rpm and rises to 79.8rpm, while the second rises from 80.9 to 81.0rpm if we take A-440Hz

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