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Mary Law

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Mary Law was a young British violinist, born 1889, died 1919, possibly from tuberculosis. She recorded a number of sides for Zonophone in 1915, primarily of operatic fantasias - those arrangements that provided audiences the tunes they knew. In November 1915 she began a tour of Australia. The Melbourne Argus of November 23rd 1915 contains the following:

    Just Arrived, Direct from London, Under Special Engagement and First Appearance in Australia of Miss MARY LAW, The Notable English Violinist. Miss Law has been honoured with Royal Commands galore, and can claim the distinction of having played before most Members of the Royal Family.


Verdi - Rigoletto, Fantasia
Rossini - William Tell, Fantasia
Mary Law, violin with piano

Mediafire link for operatic fantasias with Mary Law

(This is a zip file – left click the link, download the file, then unzip when downloaded)

Zonophone Record The Twin - Serial A 187
Matrices z8393f, z8398f (single side numbers 047922/1)
Recorded 5th August 1915, London

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